Bev & Ed London To Peking 2000

There are two versions of video files below to help insure that you will be able to view them on your particular computer. You can left click on the link to play it immediately (after your computer has buffered or downloaded the file), or you can right click the link and save it by choosing "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" and saving it to a folder in your hard drive. There is also a link for each file type to download the necessary free software if you don't have it on your computer. NOTE: Depending on your computer and browser configuration you may have to right click the link and download it before viewing.

(Video Provided by Alexandre Hebert, London)

London Video (Real Video)
557kb-5 min. download-fair quality

If you don't have Real Player you can download it free by CLICKING HERE. Look for: "RealPlayer 7 Basic is our free player." The other downloads on that page are for the ones you pay for and you don't need them.


London Video (.mpg movie file)
1.34 MB 10-20 min. download-good quality

If you don't have Windows Media Player you can download it free by CLICKING HERE. This will enable you to play the .mpg video. The first time through the video it will probably stop and start as your computer attempts to "stream" the video. After it has played through one time it should play without a hitch.


Note from Alex:


I know this comes a bit later than expected, but I had some technical delays with "the love bug". I do not know where you are as of today, I hope not in China yet! Anyway thanks again for your hospitality and good luck to your team! Best Regards

Alex from London